In this section of our website we selected a few examples to illustrate what options there are in the realm of business or corporate photography. There are a few different approaches that we can offer your company or business and you will see what is possible and what the advantages of each if those setups below are. If you click on the images - the respective photo galleries will pop up.


SINGLE SHOTS - 'Studio Setup' in client's office
"Don't move your staff to the studio - we bring the studio to your staff". Due to time constraints of individual employees the whole staff of this company below was shot in front of a white background. Although this looks like it has been captured in a studio it was actually the client's office where we built a 'mobile' studio setup with professional studio flash lights and a white background. A separate conference room with enough space and controllable light sources is - of course - an advantage for this kind of setup. In the "Making Of" photos you will see how the actual place of the 'studio' looked like prior to our shoot.


SINGLE SHOTS - On location at client's premises
Additionally the whole staff was also shot on location in the client's backyard in natural daylight with a minimal lighting setup. This - of course - requires decent weather conditions and a suitable location on the client's premises. In this case we had a rather large backyard with different lighting conditions which we used to our advantage.


GROUP SHOT - as a composite
Due to the fact that each employee of the company was shot in front of a white background it was possible to "mask" them out individually (to separate the model from the background) and composite them together later in Photoshop for a virtual "group" shot. Although this approach looks a little bit more artificial than a regular group shot - think of it as a promo poster for a TV show! - this setup has the advantage that the best shot of each person can be selected in postproduction. Each employee can pick the best expression of himself to his liking - after the shooting. You can also reposition people or 'eliminate' them altogether in a later point in time - for example when their employment in the company has ended but you still want to use the images. So you don't have to arrange a new shooting. Although we would be happy to do this as well. ;)

Another advantage by using this method is that you can eliminate the time consuming hassles of a regular group shot where someone always closes their eyes in the wrong moment or "ruins" the - otherwise - perfect photo. Thus saving precious work time of your employees on the day of the shoot. Each employee is able to carry on with his daily duties while someone else is being photographed simultaneously. You are able to reduce each employee's downtime during the course of the shooting to it's minimum. For this setup we recommend to shoot only a medium long shot of the models. Although a 'full body shot' is technically feasible it is also more complex in execution. Not any office space is suited for this kind of shooting.  

Additionally the lighting is also more aesthetically pleasing since each person is lit individually. In a 'regular' group shot you will always have to make lighting compromises for the sake of a group of people being 'squeezed together' in one frame. Of course a regular group shot can trigger a certain kind of atmosphere or 'vibe' between the employees which can be visible in the final image. So in the end this is a matter of taste and the concept behind the whole shoot. The masking of the persons requires more time and effort in postproduction. But in the long run it will pay off because you are able to use the images in a more modular way.


If time and the circumstances allow for it, it is also possible to shoot in a regular photo studio. This approach can be taken into consideration if the number of persons being photographed is kept to a minimum or if you just want to have images of the company's top employees. Being in a studio also means that more intricate and thus more individual and higher quality lighting setups are possible. Especially when you need masked out images (model separated from background) for later use on a website. In the 3rd and 4th image below you see a classic example of this technique.


Of course we can also offer individual shootings at a requested location. If you need images that diverge from the norm or you have a certain idea in your head that you want to see photographed professionally, or if you just want that 'special' look that the 'photographer at the corner' cannot provide - we are happy to come to your location and set it up for you. The complexity of the shoot depends on the concept and budget.

Please keep in mind:
No assignment is like the other. Thus it is not possible to offer you a fixed price. Just contact us and we will find a solution that fits your needs.